September Bride of the Month – Liz

We had the pleasure of doing hair for bombshell bride, Liz Littel and her bridesmaids. From a Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin punk cover band to a gold balloon drop at the Plaza Hotel, Liz had the ultimate vintage Vegas wedding of her dreams.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in and around Baltimore, Maryland, but I have lived in Vegas for nearly 10 years.

How did you find Heads Will Roll Beauty Salon?
A friend, the beautiful Miss Rockabilly Ruby, referred me to HWR.  I had also heard good things around town and from some of the lovely models.  I was looking for mobile hairstylists who specialize in vintage styles…so HWR was perfect!

Tell us more about your wedding day, from the planning, your location, dress, any special moments you’d like to share
Luke and I love vintage Vegas and especially the downtown area.  We were married at the historic St. Joan of Arc church downtown, with cocktail hour at Oscar’s, and the dinner and reception at the Plaza Hotel & Casino showroom.  Luke and I had produced and performed in many shows in the Plaza showroom over the years together, so it was a personally meaningful place to us, as well as having that gorgeous old-school vintage Vegas look and feel, from the gold Austrian-style curtains to the hanging chandeliers and curved red booths.  Our wedding band, Franks and Deans, are good friends and great musicians who do modernized, fast punky covers of songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc., or “Rat Pack Rock N Roll”.  Luke and I have both been involved in burlesque in some fashion for years, and so it seemed fitting that we had a burlesque dancer as well as my Cabernet Dance troupe mates of belly dancers (and bridesmaids!) performing.  While we didn’t really have a set theme (other than the green, gold, and white colors), and did keep a lot of traditional elements as well as non-traditional ones, you can tell that there was a certain style to the wedding.  We even had Vegas Vic and Vegas Vickie cake toppers!


As far as the dress goes, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted – a big, long, full-skirted dress (yes, all the way in the “poofy” range) with a sweetheart cut neckline and some sparkly bling, all with a modified vintage style and look.  I found what I was looking for, and it was the first dress I tried on!  I did try on some others but I kept going back to that first dress.  I guess when you know, you know.

There were too many special moments to count!  One magical moment was the gold balloon drop, which happened during our first dance to Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea”.  It was indeed like dancing in a sea of gold, which actually is not as easy as you might think!


I’m a big photo booth lover, and it was such a great experience to do fun photo booth photos with people I love from all parts of my life, including my husband, my bridal party, girls from dance troupes past and present, friends old and new, and family.  Not to mention the hilarity of viewing everyone else’s crazy photos sometime after the wedding – we have some real characters in our lives…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our final exit was also something I will never forget.  It involved a wild explosion of confetti cannons and sparklers in the dazzling lights of the Plaza’s main entrance (at the top of Fremont), as we drove away in my husband’s late father’s 1975 Buick Le Sabre parade car, surrounded by smiling, cheering friends and family from all over the world (as well as some random happy tourists who joined in). It was an amazing end to a wonderful evening, and we are still so thankful to everyone.

How was your HWR experience, from your first inquiry to the end of your appointment?
There are a lot of stresses involved in planning a wedding, with so many puzzle pieces to put together.  I am very grateful that everything with HWR was easy and pleasant.  Sarah was always super friendly, helpful and informative in all communication before the big day.  On wedding day, the ladies were organized, efficient and incredibly talented.  We were all “wow”-ing over each other’s hair.  Every style exceeded my expectations, and it is a sweet bonus that the HWR team was so nice and easy to chat with.

Tell us more about why you love the vintage style. What were your inspirations for your hair and makeup look for your wedding day?

I have always been drawn to styles of the past, and I wanted my hair to look like Priscilla Presley’s on her wedding day – I love that big hair look, but in a style to suit me.  I knew I wanted my hair down and not in an up-do, even though they are so popular for weddings, and can be so pretty and elegant.  As my mother in law Ginnie said, “You want to look like you.  If you usually wear your hair down and style it long because that’s how you like it, then wear it that way”. And I agree.  So I did, but just glammed up a bit a-la-Priscilla!
For the bridesmaids, I liked the idea of having classic pinup hair to match their pinup style green dresses.  I wanted them to show some of their personality and individuality too (because that’s why I love them!), so they picked their own different styles within that retro look.
Hair by Team HWR stylist Kristina Kupcake and HWR owner and lead stylist Dottie Vee
Makeup by: Sarah Redzikowski
Photography by: Square Shooting

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