Team HWR at Viva Las Vegas 19: Photo Recap

Now that everyone has recovered from Viva Las Vegas, lol, we are excited to share photos of our beautiful guests! Team HWR had 4 fun filled days of amazing pinups girls and pinup brides from all over the world! We can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for making our VLV amazing!

Stay tuned for new blog posts highlighting events and guests during Viva Las Vegas. Big thank you to Imagine Out Loud for our Heads Will Roll Salon cupcakes and Signguy for our banner!

The HWR Viva Las Vegas Beauty Team and crew: Dottie Vee, Sarah VampKristina Kupcake, Luci Lux, Andie Piazza, Janet CakeAlyssa Velasquez, Sabrina Tannehill, Claudette Viramontes, Josh Estrada, and Danielle O’Hara


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