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We are excited to announce our new partnership with BettiePage.com as their official beauty bloggers! Every month Team HWR will share tips, tricks and tutorials on all your vintage hair styling and makeup needs! First up is all about bangs! Dottie Vee and Luci Lux go through step by step instructions on how to style Bettie bangs and create a bumper bang. Check it out below or head to BettiePage.com! 


Though pinup started to grab the spotlight mid-century, its origin was closer to the early 1900s. It was a way of repressing women’s freedom of expression: When the look emerged, it was an elegant way to dress, very classy, not too revealing, and a way that people wanted to view women at that time. When the feminist movement was on the rise, women were taking a stand to show the world their independence and to express the way they feel in a bolder fashion, including revolutionizing the look that we are still rocking now. It truly is a timeless look.

In the midst of all of this, Bettie Page came along! Bettie came in strong and brought sex appeal to a whole new level. She charmed thousands of people with her sultry smiles and teased her audience with grace. Her body and overall image screamed strong, sexy, independent woman. Obviously, men flocked to her but, women did also. Women wear the iconic Bettie bangs today, and it brings out confidence. It’s almost like they’re channeling sexy Bettie when they cut these bangs into their look–they make women glow!

Model: Felix

Model: Felix Roxx IG: @FelixRoxx


Bettie bangs are a classic accessory to your style and an easy look to maintain. They can be worn with many different hairstyles such as straight, curled, up-dos and natural. This style will always look amazing. Below are some tips and tricks on how to style freshly cut Bettie Bangs and how to do a “Bumper Bang”–a spin-off of the look if you don’t want to commit to the short fringe.

Styling Freshly Cut Bettie Bangs

When they are freshly cut and you haven’t played with them yet, Bettie bangs can be hard to style. These tips should make it easier for you!

-­First, the bangs should be wet. Use your blow dryer to blow them straight down onto your forehead. You can use a comb or your hand to “stretch your roots” down to ensure that your bangs will stay in the same spot and not flip up. ­

-Next, grab a skinny flat­iron and a styling comb, and comb through the section of the bangs followed by the flat iron. This technique allows you to flat iron every strand of hair without the hair getting stuck or crimped. We want them to look nice and smooth 🙂


-If you want more volume in the bangs, you can curve your iron and do a C-shape with your hand movement, to bump the bangs up a bit more*


-Next, add a little bit of pomade. I like to use Layrite’s Original Pomade to give shine and to smooth out the top. ­

-Tap the bottom of the bangs to make sure it’s a perfectly sharp and straight look.

-Spray with a little hairspray, and tada! You are now channeling Bettie!

Felix and Dottie VeeFelix and Dottie Vee


How to Create a Bumper Bang

-Make a U-­shaped part where your bangs would normally be, and take that parting further back to the highest point of your head.

-­Starting with the back, tease with a teasing comb or fine tooth comb. Continue moving forward to the front of your head, teasing each section into the section behind it.

Luci LuxLuci Lux


-Next, smooth the top layer and sides with a brush.


-With a curling iron or flat iron, curl the hair forward into the shape of your bumper bang. Slide the iron out, and pin the hair down to the teased part inside.


-You can mold it and spread the bang out with your fingers until you get the shape you desire. ­

-Spray with a finishing spray– we love Sexy Hair Spray and Stay–and there ya have it, a cute bumper bang!

-Amp up the look with a hair flower or scarf.


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